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mercaBit Express - buy or sell bitcoins with ukash and more

On Mercabit you can buy bitcoins with ukash vouchers of any EUR value, hal-cash or
neteller transfers. We now exchange bitcoins to ukash vouchers of desired value.

    To place an order follow these steps:

  • Fill in the form bellow with your email, bitcoin address and the voucher amount

  • Shortly you will get a price quote over email

  • Reply back with the voucher code and wait until we confirm the payment

  • Coins will be sent to your address in minutes, fast and without hassles (10-30 minutes).

  • Our fees for providing this service, to exchanges and 3rd party providers, are 10.5% over
    mtgoxEUR daily high more 0.06btc per transaction.

                                                                                                   Bit Alienz Factories S.L.
    Ukash > Bitcoin notice:

    Don't send any vouchers before receiving a price quote you agree with.

    We are only able to exchange a maximum of 500 EUR worth of bitcoins/person daily due to AML regulations.

    Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, exchanges may take up to an hour to process.

    Exchanging vouchers from other currencies (non EUR) carries an additional 3% fee, the same charged by
    Ukash on their website. Please don't convert to EUR using the Ukash toolkit as they are issuing local
    vouchers that can't be used with international merchants, so we would not be able to exchange them.

    We recommend not to convert and place the order in the original voucher currency.

    Ukash imposed some limits on German vouchers so we can't exchange them right now.

    For certain orders we may ask you to send scans of you voucher receipts, this is to comply with Ukash
    guidelines and be able to keep offering you this service.

    Bitcoin > Ukash notice:

    Value of issued ukash vouchers is between 10-150 EUR, in 5 EUR increments.

    Exchange rate is calculated over Mtgox EUR daily low with no extra fees.

                                                                                                                                     *** More info (FAQ) ***

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               AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy
               Ukash vouchers TOS